• The best roses guaranteed

    You require roses with guaranteed quality. That is why Rosalink only works with the best African growers and our roses are regularly controlled by the external quality control office Flower Watch.
    Furthermore, we comply to the following certifications:

    MPS-Florimark Trade

    MPS-Florimark Trade is the label for trading companies in the floriculture. Requirements are traceability, continuity, quality and reliability. For more information: visit MPS-Florimark Trade.

    ISO 9001:2008

    ISO 9001:2008 is the international label for management systems. Requirements are amongst others: customer satisfaction, process management and continued service improvement. For more information: visit the website about ISO 9001:2008.


    Are you a buyer looking for roses with the Fairtrade label? On request Rosalink delivers products which comply with this international label relating to good working conditions and environmental friendliness. For more information: visit the website about Flo-Cert.